ŠKODA AUTO meets EU fleet CO2 emissions limit

Published: 21.02.2022 Related countries:  Korea (south) Korea (south)

Agile transition to electric vehicles bears fruit

ŠKODA AUTO met the fleet CO2 emissions limit in EU Member States including Norway and Iceland in 2021. The average emissions of all models delivered in 2021 were 114.8 g/km, 3 g below the EU limit. The increased share of deliveries of fully electric vehicles in particular helped to reduce average emissions. Specifically, the carmaker delivered 43,400 fully electric cars and 27,600 plug-in hybrids in the markets covered. The company will launch at least three additional pure electric models by 2030. The share of electric vehicles in the brand's sales in Europe is expected to reach 50 to 70% by the end of the decade.

Source: CIA News
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