SOTIO: DCVAC/LuCa reduces mortality in lung cancer by 46%

Published: 04.06.2019 Related countries:  Korea (south) Korea (south)

Clinical study confirmed successful fight against lung cancer developed by Czech biotechnology company SOTIO

The active cell immunotherapy preparation DCVAC/LuCa developed by biotechnology company SOTIO of the group PPF reduces, in combination with a chemo-therapy, the risk of death of patients in the stage IV of the non small cell lung carcinoma by 46%. This stems from a clinical study of the stage I/II adding that patients with the dosage of the drug DCVAC/LuCa showed the total survival of 15.5 month compared with 11.8 month recorded in the control group with a standard treatment. The DCVAC/LuCa therapy showed no significant side effects. SOTIO is considering the launch of further clinical studies of stages II or III.

Source: CIA News

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