SŽ and ČMZRB cooperate to link airport to Prague centre

Published: 30.06.2021 Related countries:  Korea (south) Korea (south)

The Václav Havel Airport to be connected with the Prague city centre by rail.

The Railway Administration (SŽ) and the Czech-Moravian Guaranteeand  Development  Bank  (ČMZRB)  concluded  a  Memorandum  of Cooperation in the identification and preparation of projects in the field  of  railway  infrastructure.  The  pilot  project  will  be  the connection of the Václav Havel Airport with the centre of Prague by rail,  within  which  the  ČMZRB  will  assess  the  possibility  of  PPP financing. The main task will be to identify suitable projects that could  be  financed  otherwise  than  by  means  of  a subsidy. Specifically,  this  may  include,  for  example,  high-speed  lines  or railway junctions financed in the form of PPP, junior financing orother appropriate means.

Source: CIA News
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