VUT engineers trying to treat seeds without chemicals

Published: 27.07.2022 Related countries:  Korea (south) Korea (south)

Search for alternative methods of seed treatment heats up

Researchers from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at VUT in Brno, based on an assignment from the Czech seed manufacturer SEED SERVICE, are trying to rid seeds of pathogens and preserve their quality without the use of chemicals. During the four-year research, they want to come up not only with a physical and therefore ecological method of seed treatment, but also with a prototype machine that can treat tens of tons of seed per hour in this way. Engineers want to replace the chemical treatment with a short-term flame so that it does not heat up to more than 50 degrees. Engineers from VUT will send the treated test seeds to the Agricultural Research Company, which is the main investigator of the project. The experts there will check the seeds: first the germination in the laboratory, then test field sowing is also planned.

Source: CIA News
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