Betonbau´s transformer stations attracted attention during the presentation in Latvia

Published: 19.05.2022 Related countries:  Czech Republic Czech Republic, Latvia Latvia

Czech walk-in, compact and underground transformer stations were presented in Latvia.

On Wednesday, May 18, a presentation of company Betonbau s.r.o. was held at the premises of the Czech Embassy in Riga. The event was organized by the CzechTrade governmental agency office for Baltic countries. 

The presentation followed-up smoothly to the Betonbau's participation in online seminar last year, when the Czech technologies designed for the modernization of the transmission electrical system were introduced to Latvian partners.

In both cases, the company Betonbau presented its unique solution of walk-in, compact and underground transformer stations. The event was attended by the major electrical assembly and installation companies specializing in supplies to the transmission and distribution system. Representatives of the state company Sadales tikls, which operates the Latvian distribution system, joined the event as well.

For more detailed information about Betonbau´s solutions, see its official website

We wish the Betonbau company all the success and satisfied clients not only on the Latvian market!

Compiled by the team of CzechTrade office in Latvia (Lithuania, Estonia).
Source: CzechTrade office in Latvia (Lithuania, Estonia)