ČEZ tests floating photovoltaic facility in Czech town of Štěchovice

Published: 21.01.2022 Related countries:  Czech Republic Czech Republic

Czech state energy producer and distributor tests pilot floating photovoltaic facility.

In Štěchovice in Central Bohemia, ČEZ is testing the real properties of a structure consisting of floating solar panels on a pilot floating photovoltaic installation for their possible deployment in future large parks. The pilot installation will be expanded to the regular power plant that uses solar energy power in the summer. The upper dam could accommodate solar panels with an output of up to 2.5 MW in total. By 2030, ČEZ wants to contribute to the transition of the Czech energy sector to zero emissions by building renewable energy sources with an output of up to 6 MW.

Source: ČIA NEWS, January 21st, 2022, www.cianews.cz/en
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