Foxconn to manufacture supercomputers in Kutná Hora

Published: 21.06.2022 Related countries:  Czech Republic Czech Republic

Manufacture of sophisticated high technology will be located in the Czech Republic.

Foxconn will manufacture supercomputers with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Kutná Hora (Czech Republlic). A new hall with an area of 2,000 m2 is being built on the premises of the Kutná Hora plant for their production. The equipment will have everything needed not only for production but also for testing liquid-cooled supercomputers. The first products should leave the factory this summer. Supercomputers are also used to solve complex problems, such as predicting and preparing for extreme weather events, diagnosing and treating diseases or improving food safety and sustainability.

Compiled by the team of CzechTrade office in Latvia (Lithuania, Estonia).
Source: ČIA NEWS,