Industrial producer prices up 7.1 % last year

Published: 18.01.2022 Related countries:  Czech Republic Czech Republic

Czech Statistical Office announced the industrial producer prices in 2021.

Industrial producer prices up 7.1 % last year. Compared to 2020, agricultural producer prices were on average higher by 6.9 % and industrial producer prices by 7.1 %. Construction work rose by 5.1 % and market services for enterprises by 1.3 %. The data was published by the Czech Statistical Office. In December 2021, industrial producer prices increased by 13.2 % y/y while prices of agricultural produces rose 18.8 %, prices of construction works by 8.3 % and of market services by 1.7 %. In the European Union, according to Eurostat data, industrial producer prices rose by 23.7 % in November.

Source: ČIA NEWS, January 12th, 2022,
Compiled by the team of CzechTrade office in Latvia.