ČEZ to operate 140-150 recharging stations

Published: 23.11.2018 Related countries:  Morocco Morocco

The number of recharging stations for electric vehicles is constantly increasing in CR

ČEZ Group expects to operate ca. 140-150 public recharging stations for electric vehicles by the end of 2018. Its network in CR currently consists of 127 stations, incl. 58 fast recharging stations (URDS) with the output of 50 kW, capable of recharging 80% of battery capacity in 25 minutes. Spokesperson Martin Schreier has told ČIANEWS that ČEZ launched 50+ recharging stations since October 2017. Almost 40 stations were opened since early 2018, mostly fast recharging. The most used locations are Corso Court Karlín and Brumlovka in Prague and Černovická in Brno. 

Source: https://www.cianews.cz/en