ÚJV Řež raised own outputs by 8%

Published: 22.07.2019 Related countries:  Czech Republic Czech Republic

ÚJV Řež raised own outputs by 8% to CZK 1.22bn.


ÚJV Řež's own outputs for 2018 amounted to CZK 1.22bn, up more than 8% y/y. EBIT also grew at a similar rate and reached CZK 134m. Net profit after tax was CZK 93m (+ 45%). This stems from the company's annual report. Research and development expenditure in the period under review was CZK 358m. The company's total investment budget in 2018 was almost CZK 130m. Of this, CZK 69m was spent on the acquisition of new technologies and equipment.