Consumer prices in the Czech Republic are now comparable to Belgium

Published: 22.06.2020 Related countries:  Sweden Sweden

Prices of consuming goods dramatically rise in the Czech Republic, produers and suppliers used the situation of the coronavirus.

The price of consumer goods in Czech Republic, especially produce, are more expensive today than they were a year ago, according to a report in CT24.

Prices for pork, sausages, vegetables, fruit and flour have risen throughout the coronavirus pandemic, an analysis of prices in Czech Republic found. In May alone, prices were 2.9 percent higher than the same time the previous year.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages rose 6.3 percent last month, compared to the previous year. It was slower than the 7.8 percent rise in April, according to CT24.

Fruit rose an average of 23 percent more in May than the previous year. Beer rose nearly four percent; pork rose 13 percent; flour rose 13 percent.

The country now has comparable food prices to other European countries like Belgium, one of the most expensive countries in the European Union, according to an analysis of similar products in the same grocery chain.

In that analysis, grapes were almost the same price, lemons were eight crowns cheaper per kilo and tomatoes were much cheaper in Czech Republic.

The difference is that the average wage in Czech Republic is around 34,000 CZK; residents in Belgium earn closer to 88,000 CZK per month.

In addition, the surcharge for organic produce cost significantly more than in other countries, according to a report in Czech news agency "Seznam Zpravy". In Germany and Austria, the surcharge for organic produce is around 30 percent.

However, in these countries, produce already costs much more than the Czech Republic. Across the country, consumers pay much more for organic produce.


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Source: Samantha Tatro,

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