Czech Startup Carebot Secures International License, Expands AI Analysis to Europe

Published: 01.04.2024 Related countries:  Finland Finland , Denmark Denmark , Sweden Sweden , Norway Norway

Czech AI startup Carebot, specializing in X-ray analysis for lung abnormalities, secures €1.2 million investment from notable investors and gains international licensing, marking its expansion into European markets.

Czech-based startup Carebot, renowned for its artificial intelligence-driven analysis of lung X-rays, has achieved a significant milestone. Securing a €1.2 million investment from prominent backers including Karel Bastl, Roman Trachta, and venture capital firms like Startguide VC, the company has also attained an international license. This breakthrough opens doors for Carebot to extend its services across Europe.

Carebot's AI technology aids healthcare professionals in swiftly and accurately identifying potential abnormalities in lung X-rays, crucial for preventive measures and early diagnosis and treatment. With prior deployment in over ten hospitals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the company now eyes expansion into Poland, Germany, and the UK. The newly acquired international certification empowers Carebot to offer its X-ray analysis software to hospitals and radiology departments throughout Europe.

Beyond lung X-rays, Carebot plans to diversify its services, branching into mamography and fracture analysis. This expansion will enable Carebot to assist physicians in identifying easily overlooked fractures and bone lesions, further enhancing diagnostic capabilities in the medical field.

Created: CzechTrade team Scandinavia