Over twenty percent of Czech employees changed their job last year

Published: 25.02.2020 Related countries:  Sweden Sweden

Latest survey showed that relatively high number of people in Czech like to change their jobs. However, still more than sixty percent employees stay happy with their existing employers.

Over 20 percent of Czech employees changed their job over the past six months, and more than a fifth are considering finding new employment or are actively searching for it, according to a global survey Workmonitor carried out by the recruitment agency Randstad. The survey also suggests that 65 percent of Czech employees are happy with their current employer.

Work fluctuation was slightly higher among men, 21.5 percent, compared to 19.5 in women. It mostly concerned the 18 to 24 age bracket. The most common reasons for changing work was dissatisfaction with the current employer (35 percent), acquiring better work conditions (32 percent) and personal desire for change (22 percent). The highest fluctuation was recorded in telecommunications and delivery services, the hotels sector and catering, financial services and also in food production.

People most commonly complain about the company’s work culture, atmosphere or about their direct superior. This can be the trigger for changing a job, especially when they get a better financial offer. A recent survey published on the website Profesia.cz arrived at similar conclusions. It suggests that some 20 percent of Czech employees, mostly in the 18 to 34 age group, changed jobs over the past few months.

The number of employees who are concerned about losing their job remains at six percent, with men being slightly more worried than women.

Prepared by: Employees of the CzechTrade Office in Stockholm.

Used source: Czech Radio – Radio Prague International, Ruth Fraňková.