Unipetrol reported revenues

Published: 01.10.2018 Related countries:  Singapore Singapore

Unipetrol reported revenues of CZK 35.99bn for Q3


Unipetrol group reported revenues of CZK 35.99bn for Q3 2018, up 16% y/y.

EBITDA LIFO totalled CZK 2.05bn (down 40%) and net profit reached CZK

1.28bn (down 16%). The main negative factor were the growing oil prices

and related lower margin in the refinery and petrochemical units. Processed

oil volume totalled 2 million tonnes. Production capacity utilisation in the

refinery section reached 92%. Investments totalled CZK 1.9bn and headed

primarily into the construction of the PE3 polyethylene unit, outages in

Litvínov and Neratovice, new ethylene unit heating plant and modernisation

of Benzina fuelling stations.


Source: https://www.cianews.cz/en