T-Mobile’s revenue up to CZK 29.4bn

Published: 08.03.2022 Related countries:  Thailand Thailand

Expands 5G network.

T-Mobile Czech Republic increased total revenues by 3.6% y/y to CZK 29.4bn in 2021. EBITDA grew by 6.2%. Investments amounted to CZK 5.5bn. In 2021, almost 6.3 million customers (+120,000) used T-Mobile mobile services and 391,000 customers (+6.3%) used high-speed fixed connections. The number of people watching TMobile TV via IPTV or satellite services grew by 13.2% to 214,000. TMobile continued to expand its 5G mobile network coverage in the Czech Republic, which was available to 21% of the population at the end of the year and was used by more than 150,000 customers.