Britain's Tesco opened checkout-free store in London

Published: 20.10.2021 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Tesco opened its first checkout-free store, giving customers the opportunity to shop and pay without scanning a product or using a checkout in London.

Tesco opened its first checkout-free store in central London on Tuesday 19. October. The largest British retail chain follows the example of competing retailers Amazon, Aldi and Morrisons, which already offer purchases without interaction with cashiers and without scanning at electronic cash registers.

With the app, customers will be able to choose groceries and leave the store immediately. The combination of cameras and weight sensors finds out what customers have taken and bills the products directly in the application when they leave the store. Clients will receive the receipt on the phone within a few minutes.

Tesco technology is provided by the Israeli technology startup Trigo, which has entered into similar partnerships with supermarkets in Germany and the Netherlands. The system was previously used by Tesco employees at the company's headquarters, but it will now be available to regular customers for the first time.

Source: Reuters