Credo Ventures invests in British startup Eleven Labs

Published: 01.02.2023 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Another Czech investment in the United Kongdom

Czech investment fund Credo Ventures, together with UK fund Concept Ventures and angel investors, have invested a total of USD 2m in London-based start-up Eleven Labs, which aims to convert text to speech and sound to audio in any language, in any voice and with a range of emotions. The technology finds applications in, for example, the creation of audiobooks or in dubbing films. The solution has so far been tested by 250 clients and will be available on a wider scale from February 2023. With the new funding, ElevenLabs wants to expand its solution worldwide to be available in all languages. It also wants to start research into automatic dubbing from one language to another with the same voice.

Source: CIA News