Published: 16.10.2019 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

We had a fantastic time in the Czech Republic visiting not less than 6 breweries with fantastic UK beer professionals including representatives from Euroboozer, the craft hospitality chains Barworks and Graceland, an off-trade high quality specialist Hop Burns & Black and a number of UK prime beer journalists such as Adrian Tierney Jones, Emma Inch or Will Hawkes.


On the breweries side, the real highlights were discovering the fantastic history of Bohemia Regent, the second oldest European brewery continually brewing on the same premises since 1379, spontaneously tasting the whole Kutna Hora portfolio in the cellars while listening to the story about the local brewery fighting back Heineken attempting to close it (now proudly independent). Furthermore, moving to the north, we heard the unbelievable story of the 16th century Albrecht of Wallenstein´s brewery closed down by the communists that rose from the ashes in 2014 under the leadership of Marek Vávra, the current owner and finally discovered the pearl of the Lusatian mountains – the historical Cvikov brewery with traditional copper kettles beautifully encroached in marble flooring. Also of great interest were new craft breweries combining Czech English and new world ingredients established in the new millennium such as Muflon and Dva Kohouti.  

Also, we did enjoy eating freshwater South Bohemian fish and sailing on one of the local lakes called Svět, tasting typical Czech beer snacks such as pickled sausage and cheese including the indigenous Olomouc cheese.  We also made it to a medieval silver mine in Kutna Hora and to an authentic North Bohemian glassworks where we admired a glass being handblown whilst sipping a pint of Cvikov “Glassblower” beer. Hey, did you know that being glassworker in the Czech Republic entitles you to legally drink beer whilst working? :)



The mission was organized by CzechTrade, CzechTourism,  the UK speciality beer distributor Euroboozer and the Czech Beer Alliance.