Czech company CZ LOKO starts developing hydrogen-powered locomotive

Published: 25.11.2021 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

CZ LOKO has started the development of hydrogen powered locomotive known as Hydrogen Shunter 1000. The locomotive, with a maximum output of up to 800 kW, would use hydrogen cells to recharge traction batteries. However, it should be added, that the project is still in the feasibility study phase.

CZ LOKO is a Czech company based in Česká Třebová, with offices in Jihlava, Letohrad, Přerov and Ostrava. It has subsidiaries in Poland and Italy. CZ LOKO's portfolio includes shunting locomotives, electric track locomotives and special rail vehicles.

The Czech locomotive manufacturer CZ LOKO has started the development of a hydrogen-powered locomotive. For the time being, the project is in the feasibility study phase, which will determine whether a prototype will be built. This was stated by Jan Kutálek, Sales Director of CZ LOKO at Žesnad technical seminar in Olomouc on November 22, which was attended by leading representatives of the railway industry and carriers. The locomotive with a maximum output of up to 800 kW should use hydrogen cells for charging the traction batteries.

Among the “green” CZ LOKO products with which the company now links its future is the DualShunter 2000, a dual locomotive combining trolley power and a diesel engine, allowing operation in both the dependent and independent traction. It is designed for light and medium-heavy line service and shunting. It is to be put into operation in 2023 in Italy and two years later in the Czech Republic and then in the neighbouring countries, too. It will be possible to replace the diesel engine with up to three battery packs charged from the trolley line or from an external source.

Another vehicle of the future on which CZ LOKO is betting is HybridShunter 1000, a plug-in hybrid locomotive for shunting. It is powered by up to three battery packs with a total usable capacity of up to 600 kWh. The backup is a diesel engine for battery charging. In terms of price, this will be an affordable alternative to conventional shunting vehicles. The company plans to launch this type in 2026. It will be a product suitable only for a certain type of operation that does not require continuous deployment or availability. That is, for sidings, not for line service.

At the same time, CZ LOKO is working on other eco-friendly locomotives - the E-Shunter 300, which is a battery locomotive for light shunting, and the aforementioned hydrogen locomotive, which the company is currently referring to as the HydrogenShunter 1000.

Source: Czech News Agency