Czech company getting popular with food that lasts three years

Published: 03.04.2020 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Petr Sogel, Director of food brand Expres Menu, has been producing various dishes for more than 10 years now. His Trutnov-based company came up with a special method of manufacturing food that stays fresh for up to three years when kept at room temperature without the need for freezing. And it has been introduced as the only brand of long-life and non-perishable food in the Czech Republic. Last year, the company reached an annual turnover of 40 million CZK having sold about half a million long-lasting meals.



The business has been very successful especially in the current virus situation as there is a high demand for Expres Menu products with ten times bigger orders. These chemical, gluten and colouring free dishes are favourites of individuals but also fire and police forces and doctors without borders. Petr Sogel would like to expand the reach of his products as far as to space. His latest innovation is called Space Menu product line and includes homogenized seed paste, which can replace balanced diet and is easy to eat.

Source: Forbes