Czech company introduces new electric three-wheeler

Published: 28.08.2019 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Recently almost all important car manufacturers around the world have produced at least one model of electric vehicle, and one of them is Czech company Beko Engeneering that presented the concept of a small electric three-wheeler.


The new model of this compact city vehicle is called E-city. So far there is only a design plan however, technical details will be discussed in the near future. This two-seater automobile is ideal for travelling in a city transport thanks to its size. E-city represents a new option of transport in crowded cities. The most significant advantage is its compatibility as it saves space both in traffic and during parking and it brings modern design.

There are supposed to be different versions of E-city. The strongest model will have performance of 20kW and another version with limited performance of 6kW for teenagers from 15 years old. The maximal speed of the strongest model should be 75km/h. The roof will be covered with a small solar panel which will allow direct consumption of infotainment. A range of one charge in a city transport should be 220 km and batteries will be imposed in the car floor. As technical details are not finished yet, the price of the vehicle cannot be stated.




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