Czech company Lanex increases their business share in Russian Lanex Kanat

Published: 26.04.2021 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Just before the start of the diplomatic dispute between Czech Republic and Russian Federation, Lanex from the BR Group had invested into Lanex Kanat acquiring a 34 % stake in the company.

Lanex has acquired the share from the Russian join-stock company Promstal, who is also their partner. The company hopes that the investment will come with increased flexibility in the decision-making process within the company and the opportunity to invest without the need for adjustment by the partner. Lanex exports various types of ropes to Russia and other countries for the shipbuilding industry or mountaineering. They also offer harnesses, PPEs and other securing systems. Lanex is currently looking for local distributors in UK and Ireland for their PPE frequently used on construction sites.