Czech company Ray Service signed the major contract with Israeli company Beth-El at DSEI in London

Published: 16.09.2019 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Czech company Ray Service, a leading manufacturer of cable bundles and electromechanical units, experienced a great success at DSEI, the defence & security equipment trade fair in London as they signed an important contract.


The company will focus on production of filter-ventilation systems (EPCS) for military vehicles in collaboration with Israeli company Beth-El. Signing the contract represents an important step for the future of Ray Service as it increases potential contribution of the Czech company on manufacturing infantry combat vehicles, which are demanded also by the Czech Army. Filter-ventilation systems (EPCS) provide crews of military vehicles with continuous clean air supply, stable hygrothermal microclimate as well as comprehensive protection against hazardous substances. Beth-El company is the major supplier of combined ventilation and filtration systems NBC, air cleaners in engines, fuel pumps and other subsystems.

Source: Ray Service