Czech corporate giant links with academia to create an AI hub in Prague

Published: 06.11.2019 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Czech indigenous firm Avast, the global leader in cyber security and CVUT, a leading technical university in Prague, have decided to join forces and create an Artificial Intelligence hub in the Czech capital. Avast will support the research of AI and machine learning with the initial investment of 23 million CZK. Avast AI and Cybersecurity Laboratory (AAICL) will be based within the CVUT campus at Charles Square.


This project marks a unique moment when for the first time a private enterprise is working directly with academia in AI field in the Czech Republic. The exchange of ideas and resources means that the world-class AI research at CVUT will have the financial resources it needs, but also a huge amount of data provided by Avast. The latter proves to be crucial in most AI and machine learning efforts as algorithms must first be fed data in order to develop and analyse patterns and behaviours. The project has ambitions to regularly publish leading AI research and also to improve the algorithms Avast uses for its software.

“Cooperation with the corporate world is crucial for the advancement of academic research. The laboratory combines Avast’s global outlook and experience and its data about artificial intelligence and cyber threats with the CVUT’s research capabilities”, says director of AAICL.

The Czech Republic is on its way to become a Central European artificial intelligence superhub and this is another cornerstone moment. The country is well positioned to pave the way due to high concentration of talent, strong research institutions and increasingly robust economy. It has joined the most prominent European AI leaders club when it introduced the National Strategy of Artificial Intelligence, setting out country’s short term and long terms goals.

There are already multiple projects within the field of AI gaining momentum. To name but a few:

Blindspot Solutions – optimisation of processes and sustainable growth using big data and machine learning

Neuron Soundware – diagnostic technology for early detection of broken machines using sound and AI

GoodAI – automation in business using artificial intelligence

AgentFly Technologies – AI modelling and simulation for aerospace industry

Source: CVUT