Czech expo rocked HRC 2020 with Czech beer on tap

Published: 09.03.2020 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

CzechTrade London took part in the UK's largest Hotels, Restaurant and Catering Show (HRC) in London, showcasing the best of high-quality Czech craftsmanship to British foodservice industry. Opening three-day event with some Czech beer on tap, CzechTrade presented United Crafts of Bohemia exhibition that caught the eye of many.



British hospitality scene could admire not only modern hotel and gastronomy porcelain brand G. Benedikt but also beautiful crystal glass decanters by ViaHuman. Czech craft portfolio was then completed by cooperation of interior design studio Mooden and furniture maker Dřevodílo Rousínov coming up with a giant wooden bar.

Much more was about to come as the second day of HRC was significantly marked with Czech beer and some snail treats from Farma Nahošovice. Many HRC visitors stopped by for some Czech classic and could sample two popular traditional Czech premium beer brands, Kutna Hora and Bohemia Regent, creating a vibrant atmosphere for everyone to gather around, chat and have a good time.



United Crafts of Bohemia is ready to move it on to the next level in the near future so stay in touch for more Czech crafts and beer opportunities. If interested in Czech craftsmanship, feel free to contact CzechTrade on