Czech industrial production up 0.5% y/y

Published: 09.01.2023 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

But foreign trade balance ended with CZK 25.5bn deficit in November 2022.

Industrial production in the Czech Republic grew by 0.5% y/y in real terms in November 2022. Radek Matějka, director of the Czech Statistical Office's Department of Statistics said that the automotive segment had seen a recovery, but the industry a whole had returned to stagnation.

The balance of foreign trade in goods at current prices ended with a deficit of CZK 25.5bn (cca EUR 1.1bn) in November 2022. Data from the Czech Statistical Office also show that the Czech Republic's trade balance with EU countries improved by CZK 14.5bn (EUR 0.6bn).

Source: CIA News