Czech innovators from ADVACAM are part of the efforts to reconquer the Moon

Published: 01.07.2021 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

The Czech technology sector shines again as it helps in a milestone mission to reexplore Earth’s nearest celestial body.

Don’t let the size of the Czech Republic fool you. For such a small country with no space program of its own, the Czech technology sector is remarkably active in space exploration. Not only is the country a vital and active member of the European Space Agency, but it also has many subcontractors and researchers working in the field. A fine and recent example is ADVACAM company, which manufactures unique imaging detectors. Among other uses, their products have found their way to the International Space Station. Now the company has been invited to cooperate with the US State University of Louisiana on radiation research for NASA’s Artemis program with the goal of putting humans on the surface of the Moon again after nearly five decades. 

While there are models and predictions as to what the radiation composition on the lunar surface might be, as of yet there are no concrete data. Highly advanced model of miniature cameras MiniPIX TPX3 from ADVACAM will record traces of individual particles of space radiation, thus helping to uncover another crucial variable relating to conditions for the survival of humans on the Moon. ADVACAM’s development team worked hard to reduce the detector size, weight and power consumption to make the camera suitable for use in space. This is no small feat as ADVACAM’s device had to undergone NASA’s notoriously rigorous certification process and it has to withstands the harshest conditions which are far beyond those experienced on Earth. 

This is a remarkable triumph for the ADVACAM team, but also the Czech technology as a whole and it shows that the continuous investment into the technology sector is already paying its dividend. This success story is a result of years of cooperation between the private sector, Czech Technical University and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which supported the development of the device by a grant within the Rademet project. 

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