Czech Lasvit is breaking boundaries in the world of glassmaking

Published: 24.02.2020 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

The Czech premium glassmaker Lasvit, an established ambassador of the Bohemian hand-blown glass, has created giant dragon-shaped chandeliers for Imperial Pacific hotel. It is now hoping to get a mention in Guinness World Records.


These extraordinary hand-crafted structures weight 20 tons each and are 32 meters long. Each one of the 2.5 million crystals had to be manually manufactured in the Lasvit factory in North Bohemia and then attached to the enormous steel structure. The owner and president of Lasvit commented: “This project is the largest piece we have ever worked on and it goes beyond of what everyone though is possible to create from glass and steel”. The work of art is estimated to be worth £8.3 million. 

The project combines hi-tech lighting technology with the traditional crafts of glassmaking and blacksmithing and it can work as a display screen as each of the individual stones is backlit by programmable LED lights. It depicts a traditional Chinese mythology: two dragons fighting over a burning pearl and it can be admired by the guests of Imperial Pacific hotel at Saipan island.