Czech oil and gas producing company MND to participate on Eden project in Cornwall

Published: 29.04.2021 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

MND Drilling and Services is part of the team for the upcoming geothermal energy project, which is going to enter the first phase in the next couple of weeks.

MND will supply technology for drilling a 4,5km deep well, which should generate heat for the Eden site. Cold water is injected down, the water picks up heat from the rock and then it is pumped back up to the surface at about 180°C. Hot water then runs through binary cycle turbine to make electricity. The same water will be recirculated and reused. The heat will be provided to the rainforest and Mediterranean biomes and also to the offices, kitchens and greenhouses. The whole project has been funded by the EU, Cornwall council and institutional investor. The complete geothermal power plant project should be finished by 2023.