Czech Republic has been rated “AA-“ by the American credit rating agency Fitch Ratings

Published: 28.06.2021 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

The international credit rating agency and one of the Big Three credit rating agencies from the US Fitch Ratings has affirmed the Czech Republic’s credit rating at “AA-“ with a stable outlook in the future.

Czech Republic has reached this rating in the 2018 already and has maintained it ever since. The rating is an important indicator for the investors who can evaluate risk of a default. Based on that, the investors create loan conditions including the interest rate, which is going to be lower with the higher ratings. Fitch Ratings expects a stable economic growth despite more expansive fiscal policy in the short term. With the growing support of vaccination programme and control over the pandemic situation the government debt ratio is projected to get to a downward trajectory in the medium term. Czech Republic alongside with Belgium, United Kingdom or Estonia shows the same level of debt reliability and belongs to a group of countries with the lowest debt to GDP ratio in the EU.

Source: ČTK,