Czech Republic to launch a smart quarantine

Published: 01.04.2020 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Data from mobile operators and bank card payments will be now accessible to the Regional Hygiene Authority to track movements of new coronavirus infected people in order to identify and isolate them. And it only requires citizens to agree and give their consent to being tracked.



Smart method includes the measures such as fast isolation of people at risk of coronavirus infection, rapid testing of new patients, accurate tracing of their possible contacts in previous days and disinfection of exposed spots with the aim to protect as many citizens as possible. Movement of the infected individuals will be tracked for five previous days and after positive testing, everyone who was in contact with the infected person will be contacted within three days after.

This is the idea of so-called smart quarantine and its pilot trial has been already gradually implemented in the South Moravian Region. If testing of new system to contain the spread of COVID-19 proves to be effective, the smart quarantine could be put into practice across the Czech Republic and possibly replace the national state of emergency.