Czech software company solidifies its position in the UK

Published: 12.05.2022 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Applifting, an international software house experienced in working with both established corporate clients and fresh start-ups, sets its focus to develop its business in the UK

The company of Applifting plans to continue improving the position of the London branch in the UK market. In one and a half years, the company has managed to acquire 5 clients in the market in question, copywriter and marketing team leader Lucie Sáblíková said. Furthermore, the so-called tribalisation of the company will continue. It consists of the creation of new, separate units under the Applifting brand. For this year the existing divisions will be joined by at least one division primarily focused on corporate clients.

By the nature of the company and its unprecedented approach to organisational structure, Applifting might amount to be a start-up. Nevertheless, the company is a well-established and well-earning business with a seven-year history that will soon turn into a holding company. The company with more than a hundred employees develops apps, developer tools, and developer portals. Its greatest success, however, has been derived from the business model of so-called hybrid teams, where developers of Applift work alongside employees of the clients on a new product.

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