Demand for EVs in Czech Republic still at rock bottom

Published: 18.12.2020 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Electromobility in the Czech Republic is still far behind the rest of Europe. With only 808 charging stations in service, which account for only 0,4 per cent of their total in the EU, Czechia lands at the very end of the Europe's total count.

Over 5000 EVs are currently registered in the Czech Republic, says ČTK. Three quarters of new vehicle registrations are credited to companies, though their low demand for EVs is one of the main reasons why the charging infrastructure struggles. Only 4 % of company vehicles are EVs, as opposed to 16 % in other EU member states.

It is a vicious circle though. High prices of EVs are far from ideal for Czech consumers, companies worry the low infrastructure but the infrastructure cannot be strenghtened without the initial demand.

Nevertheless, slowly but steadily does the popularity of EVs grow. "Expansion of EV models range will allow us to double our current EVs fleet each year" says Tomáš Kadeřábek, consultant of the leasing company Arval. According to Kadeřábek, not only governments but also private companies should pull their weight in building the infrastructure.

The Czech Republic wants to multiply the EV count up to "tens of thousands" until the 2030 and it is their main goal for making transport more eco-friendly. Their main source of funds for strenghtening the infrastructure is the EU, allocating tens of millions of Czech crowns in there this year.

Source: Novinky, ČTK