Foreign trade of the Czech Republic had GBP 354.7M surplus; thanks to car exports

Published: 13.03.2023 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Will the automotive industry be able to offer new incentives as a result?

The balance of foreign trade in goods ended in January 2023 with a surplus of GBP 354.7M (CZK 9.5bn) at current prices, which was GBP 78.4M (CZK 2.1bn) higher y/y. This is based on preliminary data from the Czech Statistical Office. The result was positively influenced mainly by a higher surplus on trade in motor vehicles by GBP 224.0M (CZK 6.0bn). The balance of foreign trade with EU countries improved by GBP 739.2M (CZK 19.8bn), while the trade deficit with non-EU countries widened by GBP 653.5M (CZK 17.5bn).

Source: CIA News