Published: 17.09.2021 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

The Czech Republic has the perfect blend of long-tradition in engineering combined with highly advanced technology and still relatively cheap labour compared with economies further west.

In other words, outsourcing engineering operation from the Czech Republic guarantees highly trained staff, high precision, and reasonable cost. A fine example of a service-oriented precision manufacturing company is MT-Metal Trade from Brno. They specialise in metalworking; however, they can also carry out machining of various nickel and other special alloys and plastic materials. They carry out custom production, job production and serial production using CNC lathe and milling machines with the possibility of production assemblies according to customer specification. It is also possible to offer various types of heat-treatment and surface treatment finishes according to the client’s specifications. MT-Metal Trade has already attracted customers from the UK with their load cells that are used for calibration. They continue their expansion and welcome new partners for cooperation. More information can be obtained from Olga Kučerová, or here.