Government deficit increased to CZK 42.7bn

Published: 11.01.2022 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

This value represented 2.7% of GDP.

The general government balance reached a deficit of CZK 42.7bn in 3Q 2021, which is approx. 1.4bn GDP. It deteriorated by CZK 2.0bn year-on-year. The Czech Statistical Office informed about this. The performance of central government institutions ended in a deficit of CZK 54.3bn. Local government institutions had a surplus of CZK 9.5bn, which was a decrease of CZK 5.3bn. The management of social security funds decreased by CZK 4.8bn and remained in surplus of CZK 2.1bn. General government revenues reached 40.1 % of GDP and expenditures 42.8 %. The debt ratio increased by 2.4 pp to 40.5 % of GDP.

Source: Czech Statistical Office and CIA News