Hotels from the UK to Fiji are able to accommodate their clients thanks to the system of an unassuming Czech company

Published: 01.06.2022 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

In the time course of two decades on the market, the company has grown without the help of investors or media attention to become a relatively large player. Their software is used by over 500 hotels in sixteen countries.

Twenty years ago, Jan Hejný, the founder of HotelTime, was at the very inception of the development of the reservation management systems based on that time ground-breaking technology of the Internet. The entrepreneurial trio sensed the unique opportunity of the emerging technology of the Internet and assumed it would revolutionize the way we operate. Subsequently, they decided to offer hotels a system that would automatically track room availability and allow people to book rooms directly on the company’s website. Despite the fact that at that time most hotels didn't even have their own website.

Across all these markets, Hejný says hoteliers generally share one thing – their stance on technology. "They perceive it as a necessary evil instead of looking at it through the perspective of enhancement to their businesses. Allowing them to optimize hotel operations while improving the guest experience from booking through check-in to check-out," says the 40-year-old HotelTime executive, who is trying to change that view.

HotelTime's annual revenue hit £1m last year and it has maintained a growth rate of between 20 and 30 per cent a year. Unlike other firms in the industry, the firm does not rely on the help of investors, instead funding development and expansion from its own profits. It was not until Hejný bought out his original partner and became a director and From 2013 the company began to expand overseas under his leadership. The UK was the first choice, as it is a very cosmopolitan and English-speaking market that could also serve as a gateway to other countries for the Czech company. Foreign partner companies with whom HotelTime had already cooperated in the Czech Republic helped with the entry into this market.