Shops slowly gaining their profits back, albeit still in loss

Published: 22.12.2020 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

The first Christmas shopping rush had people spend even more money than last year, the upcoming lockdown however let the majority of Czech businesses still struggle to catch up with making any valuable profit.

According to Tomáš Míček, manager of the retail sector of the CBRE consultancy company, shopping centres were packed during the first two weeks of December, although with still a bit less people than last year. The last weekend before Christmas had about 30 to 40 % less traffic compared to previous years, the traffic of the last Sunday before Christmas was lower by 50 %. Czechs didn’t hesitate to carry on shopping on the Internet. According to the statement of card transactions of Czech Savings Bank, online groceries shopping rose by 60 % since last year, in March even by almost 200 %. Due to the pandemic outbreak entertainment, leisure activities, services, fashion, restaurants, and accessories report losses of up to 60 %. The least affected areas are household goods and electronics.

Source: e15