Škoda Transportation invests CZK 1bn in Škoda Vagonka

Published: 16.12.2020 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

In 2021, Škoda Transportation will invest 1 bil. CZK in the expansion of Škoda Vagonka. New paint shop for 300 mil. CZK will be built, as well as a 100 mil. CZK machining center and other machinery for 70 mil. CZK.

New pieces of land are also included in the investment - as of right now, Škoda Vagonka owns 30 thousand square meters but thanks to the purchase of land and hall rentals their land is set to expand to up to 60 thousand m2. Production of vehicles and rough aluminum constructions will increase fivefold. Škoda Transporation covered fields will be electrified units for Czech, Slovak or Latvian customers, as well as push-pull vehicles for the Moravia-Silesia region.

Source: ČIA