The Czech Republic maintains its position of a bus producing powerhouse

Published: 17.12.2019 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

While the total sales, and therefore the production of new cars is slightly behind last year’s numbers, bus production in the Europe’s heartland is still going strong. This is an ongoing trend which is strengthened by having an extremely capable domestic automotive supply chain.


For the first two quarters of 2019, two major domestic bus producers Iveco Czech Republic and SOR Libchavy experienced 6.6% increase in production, 25,3% increase in domestic sales and 3.8 % hike in exports. Over this period, the Czech Republic produced a total of 2531 buses. These are great numbers in times of continuing disruptions to global automotive industry.



The country’s major players are not lagging behind when it comes to the global trend of electrification either. Skoda Transport in cooperation with SOR Libchavy has produced multiple models of fully electric buses. Recently Skoda has also teamed-up with Iveco to introduce its most innovative trolleybus with an electric traction motor producing 250 kW.

There is a mutually strengthening relationship between the achievements of Czech bus manufacturers and a robust domestic supply chain. Indigenous Czech automotive Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers are highly competitive and flexible, which also results in their successes abroad. The shining example of this is continuing cooperation between the UK bus giant Alexander Dennis and Czech manufacturers facilitated by CzechTrade’s London office.