The energy company InterGen, in which the Czech group Sev. en is a half shareholder, has succeeded in a British government auction.

Published: 10.03.2022 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

The company of entrepreneur Pavel Tykač has won a 15-year contract for its large-scale battery storage project in the United Kingdom. This will store surplus renewable energy and can provide fast backup power for the electricity grid during periods of excessive demand.

The Gateway Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is located at DP World London Gateway on the Thames Estuary in Essex and will be able to provide up to 320MW / 640MWh of power to over 300,000 homes and businesses, with the potential to expand to up to 450MW / 900MWh, providing much-needed flexibility for the UK power system. The storage system in question is set to be one of the UK and Europe's largest and the investment cost is expected to reach £200 million.

InterGen is half-owned by two Chinese energy companies, China Huaneng, and Guangdong Energy, with the former having already completed one battery system in the UK last year. The 100-megawatt storage facility in Wiltshire is the largest yet in Britain.

For the Czech businessman Mr. Tykač, it may not be the last battery project in the British Isles. InterGen is considering expanding the Essex storage site to 450 megawatts in the future, while simultaneously designing a storage facility with an even larger capacity of an additional hundred megawatts. 

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