The Irish fast fashion retailer Primark is about to open its branch in Prague

Published: 24.05.2021 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Primark is operating across the whole Europe with over 370 branches in countries such as Great Britain, Spain, Germany or France.

The new branch in Prague should be positioned in the centre of Prague on the Wenceslas Square. The whole floorspace should exceed 4700 square meters and it is going to spread over 3 floors. Primark is already acquiring new workers for their new branch with over 260 job vacancies. The branch was about to open at the end of 2020, but it got postponed due to the pandemics. The second branch is also planned to be opened during next year in the second biggest city of Czech Republic Brno. Besides Primark other retailers from abroad are also entering the Czech market such as Saint Laurent or Assos.