The number of new established Czech companies is rising

Published: 18.05.2021 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

In April 2021 a total number of 2 741 new companies were established in the Czech Republic, which is the highest amount of newly created companies for the last three years just after March.

April was also the month of least amount of company dissolutions since August 2018. Only 1040 companies were abolished, which is 228 less than in the last month. The question is, if the tendency is of short-term or long-term nature, which is uncertain for now. Many companies are weakened by the long period of restrictions that had been imposed on the economy, while on the other hand the current easing of restrictions might seem like a new opportunity for some incoming companies. Looking at the individual sectors, the largest number of new firms in April were in the real estate management sector, trade and manufacturing. The best balance of newly created firms was in transport and storage, while in trade only 7 new firms were established against 10 dissolved companies.