The richest person of the Czech Republic dies in a helicopter crash

Published: 31.03.2021 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Petr Kellner had a rich portfolio of investments ranging from insurance and telecommunication to media and mining. He has tragically died at the age of 56 during his stay in Alaska. His fortune was estimated to be 17,5 billion dollars by Forbes.

He belonged to one of the most relevant figures in the Czech Republic’s business scene. His business career started during the privatisation period in the beginning of 1990s, after the end of communism connected with the transition into capitalist economy, by establishing an investment group called PPF which was designed initially to invest in the privatisation programmes. Later on, Kellner expanded into sectors such as real estate, telecommunication or biotechnology and the activities of his group stretched from Europe to Asia and the US. The value of the firm’s assets reached 43 billion euros in 2020. Many people have expressed their condolences including the Czech Republic's prime minister Andrej Babiš.

Source: Financial Times