The unemployment rate in Czech Republic declined to 4,2 %, the second lowest in the EU

Published: 11.04.2021 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

In comparison with February the rate has decreased by 0,1 %. The year-to-year point of view shows an increase of 1,2 %.

According to the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Jana Maláčová the result is an outcome of optimized government schemes which have already helped over 70 000 companies during the pandemic. The situation on labour market is relatively stable with over 330 000 vacancies, which is more than the current number of unemployed people in March (around 300 000). Due to the pandemic there are still disproportions between particular sectors that have been more or less affected. For instance, tourism, gastronomy, services, retail or culture have been more impacted than manufacture, healthcare or social services where there is an opposite problem of lack of employees.