Trade in goods and services between the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom dropped in 2021, whereas for Ireland, the trade bond strengthened

Published: 14.03.2022 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

The UK’s position as an export partner for the Czech Republic slumped from 5th to 7th place, while imports dropped one place to 16th. The economy of Ireland however ascended by one place to the 21st position, as an export destination and as an importer it remained on a standstill.

In 2021 the Czech Republic’s value exported to the United Kingdom in goods and services amounted to some $8,7 billion dollars out of total $227 billion. This accounts for less than 4 % of the total, while over the time span of the year 2020, the value exported to the region in question hoovered slightly above 4% threshold. The value imported from the United Kingdom totaled an estimated $3,3 billion out of $212 billion. The deterioration of the bilateral trade relations could be attributed to EU membership withdrawal, coming into effect from the beginning of 2021.

Czech economy exported to Ireland goods and services worth of $1,5 billion over overall the course of 2021. Whereas Ireland’s import generated $0,98 billion. The improvement notwithstanding, both export and import represent less than 1 % of the overall trade value for the Czech Republic.

Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic