TREBITCH Old Town Distillery

Although our story began only a few years ago, its roots, thanks to its Czech origin and the town of Třebíč, go deep into the past.

Whether it is the name TREBITSCH, which continues the tradition of marking our hometown in the Highlands in Austro-Hungarian maps or the existence of the traditional Jewish family TREBITSCH scattered around the world today; or the history of the distillery in Šebkovice, which we are restoring and whose history began in 1894 .Around 2007, a plan to open a whisky bar in the historic centre of Trebic, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was set in motion. “Why importing a foreign whisky? Genuine Czech whisky from Vysocina would be unique,” thought the founder and current master blender Tomas Dyntar. Our team gradually increased in number with new professionals and ambitious managers. Together we experimented and learnt. In 2014, the company was officially born under the brand TREBITSCH old town distillery. We selected the finest local ingredients, sealed the first barrels and the aging of our whisky could begin.