EMCO spol. s.r.o.

Website: emco.cz/en
Emco is a leading company in the Czech Republic’s food industry.

It was founded by Mr. Zdenek Jahoda in 1990. Emco focuses on the production and distribution of high quality and healthy lifestyle food products. These include crunchy and traditional müsli, müsli biscuits, müsli and nut bars, corn and wholemeal cereals, oatmeal’s and children’s cereal products. Emco has long dominated the müsli market with a 53 % share. Being an innovative and product orientated company, Emco’s mission is to ensure that its customers enjoy flavourful and healthy breakfasts and snacks. At Emco, we believe that everything starts with tasty and healthy product. The vision and objective of Emco is to become a global player on the cereal market while maintaining a strong local character: since its foundation, the company has been run by the Jahoda family who place their business emphasis on being local and building trust with customers, making Emco a family business ready for the future.