Advanced Nuclear Energy Loan Guarantee Program

Published: 23.07.2022 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

LPO (Loan Programs Office) provides borrowers access to capital, flexible financing, and expert project support to help reinvigorate, advance, and transform America’s energy infrastructure.

Innovative Energy& Loan Guarantee Program can help finance projects that bring innovative nuclear energy technologies to commercial scale.

LPO can provide first-of-a-kind projects and other high-impact, energy-related ventures with access to debt capital. LPO works closely with industry to bridge gaps in the commercial debt market when innovative technologies may not be well understood by the private sector

Projects employing advanced nuclear energy technologies in one or more of the following broad technology categories may be eligible:

Advanced Nuclear Reactors: State-of-the-art design improvements in fuel technology, thermal efficiency, modularized construction, and safety systems.

Small Modular Reactors: State-of-the-art design improvements, including but not limited to modularized construction and standardized design, for facilities that are 300 MW or smaller in size.

Uprates & Upgrades at Existing Facilities: Efficiency improvements to an existing reactor, and critical improvements that are requisite to current or future facility operation.

Front-End Nuclear: Uranium conversion or enrichment, and/or nuclear fuel fabrication.


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