Czech AI Startup Born Digital Secures €2M for Global Expansion

Published: 07.12.2023 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

Czech AI startup Born Digital has successfully secured €2 million in funding from major players like Seed Starter of Česká spořitelna, Erste Group, and J&T Ventures. The investment will propel Born Digital's global expansion as it continues to revolutionize contact centers with its AI omni-channel platform and diverse digital personas.

Born Digital, a Czech AI startup, has closed a €2 million funding round led by Seed Starter of Česká spořitelna, Erste Group, and J&T Ventures. Founded in 2019 by Tomas Malovec and Zenon Sliwka, Born Digital specializes in creating digital personas for commercial use, such as digital public administrators and insurance advisors.

The startup's AI omni-channel platform, recognized for transforming contact centers, has already made waves in state administration, healthcare, and law enforcement in the Czech Republic. With a team of 45 professionals, Born Digital has extended its reach to collaborate with banks, insurance companies, travel agencies, and more.

The newly secured funding is earmarked for Born Digital's global expansion beyond its regional focus. Tomas Malovec, co-founder, expressed excitement about accelerating their efforts to reach a global audience. The involvement of key financial and investment players underscores the strategic significance of Born Digital's technology.

Source: The Recursive

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